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Spicy Island Shrimp

  • 2 oz + 1-1/2 oz Marzetti® Mango Habanero Wing Sauce
  • 8 oz. Marzetti® Slaw Dressing
  • 8 cups Shredded cabbage slaw mix
  • 4 oz Popcorn shrimp
  • 3 Iceberg lettuce cups
  1. In a large bowl, combine Marzetti® Slaw Dressing, 2 oz Marzetti™ Mango Habanero Wing Sauce and shredded cabbage slaw mix. Stir until completed saturated and juicy. Chill to blend flavors. Cover and refrigerate up to 48 hours.

  2. In a medium bowl, toss crispy popcorn shrimp with 1-1/2 oz Marzetti® Mango Habanero Wing Sauce. Serve with lettuce cups and 3 oz prepared slaw mixture.